Why Join the Commercial Painting Association / CPIA

Why Join - Benefits of Being a CPIA Member

 Why Join - Benefits of Being a CPIA Member

Join the Community of Commercial Painting Experts

CPIA is the first and only trade association created exclusively for commercial painting professionals. Our mission is to nurture a peer-based community of industry experts dedicated to learning and development through collaboration. As a CPIA member, you will have access to all the relevant resources and guidance required for further business growth.


Our Members are our most valuable asset because their knowledge, expertise and network form the very core of the association. Take a proactive role in your industry and elevate your business through the following membership opportunities and benefits:

  • Peer Support Network

    Expand your network and get in touch with the other regional, non-competing commercial painting and decorating contractors. Gain access to exclusive content and social media groups, take part in relevant conversations, and get insights based on real questions and issues you face as a business owner.
  • Industry and Networking Events

    Raise your company's profile, strengthen your reputation, and gain brand exposure by participating in your peer group’s virtual monthly meetings and attending annual conferences for CPIA members with renowned keynote speakers.
  • Industry Best Practices

    Stay at the forefront of commercial painting and decorating standards and best practices. Become part of a group of “doers” with actual experience and direct insight into the common challenges and questions we all face.
  • Safety and Training Resources

    Workplace health and safety are our top priorities. CPIA’s Safety & Training Resources include comprehensive health guidelines and safety procedures as well as various other safety and occupational health insights and regulations.
  • Webinars & Webinar Archives

    Obtain access to hours of useful and relevant video content and get the most out of your membership.
  • Paycheck Protection Program

  • Program Calculator

  • Interim Final Rule

  • SBA Summary Document


Our core members are hand-picked industry leaders with successful, thriving companies. Now we want to expand and fill 50 spots with Founding Members (like you!). Join us today and lock in your lifetime savings with an investment worth making!

  • Save over 60% (just $199/month) as a Founding Member.
  • The special membership rate is limited to our first 50 members!

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Request additional information along with our membership application to join now. We’re also happy to set up a time for a personal phone call to answer and questions you might have.